With the site empty of campers and just the wildlife and small flock of sheep enjoying the peace and tranquility that is such an important element of the Secret Campsite, I thought I would take a few snaps so you can see what is going on here.

view from the bridge at the secret campsite

Spot the sheep at The Secret Campsite in sussex
spot the sheep

We have planted a couple of areas to increase the seclusion on two of the camping pitches and I have been installing new water points to make it easier for campers to fill up with fresh water out in the camping meadow. The thunderbox compost toilet seems very calm tucked under the trees in the camping meadow

Thunderbox toilet at the secret campsite

So far Sussex has been spared any snow but the forecasts seem to be saying that it is on its way.

Tree Tent in winter at the secret campsite

The sheep grazing the campsite are Shetlands and they are great at browsing the scrub areas that we have encouraged at the edges of the camping meadow. These areas provide a perfect habitat for insects and small mammals which encourage some of the species that we are so please to see here such as glow worms, owls, stoats and snakes.

The secret campsite sheep

Parts of the camping meadow flood at this time of year whilst I can already see some of the new plants waiting to leap into action once the weather starts to warm.

Plants emerging at the secret campsite in sussex

Overflowing wildlife pond at The secret campsite

stream at the secret campsite in sussex
Stream running fast through the woods
Tea bed at the secret campsite
Not many cups of tea yet, roll on spring

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