2017 was a good year but as always when the next year arrives, everyone’s heads lift up and we start to think about the things we will do in the coming 12 months.

My resolution is to get more wildlife opportunities into the site and to find some new sites where we can create more real camping experiences. Spaces where campers can switch off and really appreciate the natural world.

Don’t get me wrong I love technology, it can make our lives so much easier, photos of the family, searching for information on the internet, staying in touch with friends overseas, artificial intelligence, booking a camping trip at 2 in the morning, doing the shopping and lots lots more, it holds countless opportunities.

However, it is very refreshing to put it all down for a time in order to appreciate what we have right in front of us, the stars, the trees, birds, the oceans and the people we share our lives with.

This is where our real camping model comes into its own. It enables everyone to do just that.

So we want to create more places where this can happen. In pursuit of this we have been working closely with my friend Hugh from Eco Camp.

Hugh runs his 2 beautiful campsites in a very similar way to us, Nature Peace and Space are at the forefront of what he does, just like us.

So this year we hope to be able to bring you some more Real camping and Wild glamping opportunities in the South East. Watch this space and get in touch if you know somewhere you think it would work.

See you later in the year

I didn’t write this this morning, you’ll know why.


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