We have just bought an event tent for The Secret Wildlife Festival this weekend, and disaster struck shortly after we had put it up.

attaching the tent poles for the event tent at the secret campsite

erecting the event tent at the secret campsite

We went for a military tent from Germany and were really pleased that when we unwrapped it all the pieces were there.

No real problems erecting it but, being made from canvas, it was going to be a little prone to getting wet. Last nights heavy rain and the wind, that seemed to pick up as the evening wore on, did for it. So when i ambled out this morning i was greeted by a flat tent and lan array of pegs pulled out of the ground. The only answer is to buy some anchoring bolts that we can screw into the wet ground. Hopefully this will do the trick and avoid it falling down during the festival.

tent goes up for the secret wildlife festival

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  1. Great work on the tent building Tim - I hope it stayed up during the festival.

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