Last week i was castigated by a camper for describing our herbal infusions as herbal teas.

herb teas at the secret campsite

I’m not one to be to picky about the leaves we harvest for our hot drinks, but i did rather see the point that was being made.

marshmallows at the secret campsite

Tea is an infusion made from camellia sinensis. In chinese tea is called cha hence our slang name for it. This is all a bit irrelevant other than our hebal infusions aren’t made from camellia so they shouldn’t be called teas.

Now that that is cleared up i can tell you a little more about our herbal tea bed.Mint tea at the secret campsite

Therri has just re stocked the bed with some more plants for you to enjoy during your camping trip to the secret campsite and i thought a few photographs of these plants in situ would make a rather attractove little gallery

newly re stocked tea bed at the secret campsite

I hope you like them all

Lavender infusion at the secret campsite

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