The area to be sown with the annual pollen and nectar mix

We are really keen to make sure we provide a fantastic habitat for lots of wild songbirds. Starting from scratch a few years ago we annually sow a reputable seed mix into a prepared seed bed with the aim of producing a delicious crop of wild bird seed throughout the winter as well as providing a flush of flowers for the insects in the early part of the camping season

. BCS rotovator at the secret campsite

This year we have decided to sow an Annual Pollen and nectar mix with a wild songbird mix and finally the campaign seed mix that will provide great cover for the birds over the winter. It is a mix that is used in a lot of shoots as a way of luring the game birds into areas ready for the drive. In our case this is a perfect eden for all game birds as the area will be filled with delicious seeds and cover for them to enjoy from october until the end of february.

It take a while to get the ground ready for the sowing but once the seeds are in you can relax and watch the crows eat the lot before

rotovating the ground for the annual pollen and nectar mix at the secret campsite

any of it gets a chance to grow…

.annual pollen and nectar mix at the secret campsite

….Or if you are lucky and sow it discreetly they don’t even know that its in and leave it until its to late, and this weas my plan this year. an early morning rotovating and then a ambush seed sowing after i had distracted the crow earlier by mowing some of our large grass pitches.

Lets see what happens

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