We have caught the local bug for withy structures and have asked local expert Sandra Hurst Chico to build us a couple of small secret shelters on the campsite, one for the Tree Tent and one for our new Gridshell which will be ready in May.

Start of the Gridshell withy at The Secret Campsite

Sussex is a great county for trees, so our small willow structures should establish quickly and start to provide some cooking shelter from the elements for guests staying in the two structures at The Secret Campsite that have been built by local inventor Jason Thawley.

Gridshell withy at The Secret Campsite
Gridshell withy at The Secret Campsite

Yesterday we braved a hailstorm and planted the main structural elements for the withy’s and depending on the weather, in the coming days Sandra will start to weave them together to create a living windbreak and rain shelter. They won’t offer to much protection in the first year, but next Spring they should make a welcome space to cook on a windy day. Holmansbridge Farm shop, which is a 5 minute walk away along the old dismantled railway, has had a beautiful building created and Sandra has had lots of interest from people keen to see what buildings they can grow in their own gardens.

Tree Tent withy shelter at The Secret Campsite
and one for The Tree Tent

The small stems of willow quickly establish to create a beautiful living  organism and the maintenance is all about pruning and weaving in. I’ll add in more pictures as The Secret Campsites Withy shelters spring into life in a few weeks time.

For more information or if you want to contact Sandra, please use the contact form and i will send you Sandra’s details.


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