This weekend we picked a large batch of apples from around the campsite

apples ready fro picking at the secret campsite

apples from the orchard at the secret campsite

and then fought off the wasps to press them into apple juice which the girls sold through the Secret Teapot cafe at reception.

various apples cultivars ready for chopping

The weather was fantastic all weekend which meant that the picking, chopping and pressing were all fun to do. We seemed to draw quite  a crowd of inquisitive and thirsty campers before i managed to get stung by a rather excited wasp.

pressing apples at the secret campsite

We made one batch of juice into 25litres of cider which is currently bubbling away in the kitchen back at our house next door to the campsite. Sussex has a great reputation for growing good apples and the campsites trees have done really well this summer, although campers quite often eat their way through the apples before we get to harvest them.

sussex apple pulp ready for pressing at the secret campsite

We have a Perry Pear tree in the garden at home and this crop was added to the ciders as there weren’t enough on the tree to make their own batch. It could be a long winter

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