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How do you go from one-time purchasers to engaged, loyal advocates? Work with us to increase customer engagement, drive retention and grow sales.


Engaged, loyal customers lead to valuable, rewarding businesses. But it’s not always easy. We can help you to overcome challenges with data, insight and retention and build a valuable customer base.

With insightful analysis and a strategic plan in place, you can better connect with your customers. By tuning in to their desires and behaviour, you’ll see improved results.

Maybe you need to build a database, increase repeat purchases or drive footfall? Talk to us. Let’s work with together to achieve your objectives. 

consumers keep catalogues and refer to them

marketers agree personalisation increases CTR

time Brits spend scrolling social media per year

time UK adults spend looking at mail per day

“Relativity’s knowledge ensures that we identify and connect with our customers – and prospective customers – in the most timely, creative and engaging way. As a team they are a pleasure to work with, responsive and straightforward, and always with the end goal in sight.”

Head of Marketing, Feather & Black

Work with us

We work with b2c and b2b companies across a broad range of sectors, including membership, financial, logistics, retail and lifestyle brands. From SMEs to global organisations, if you have customers we can help!

Our people

Nicki Mackin Co-founder & Managing Director

Nicki’s mission is to bring together the very best expertise to keep clients ahead in a rapidly changing marketing environment. Her knowledge, ideas and commitment enable Relativity to consistently achieve this.

Having run a number of leading businesses involved in customer insight and direct marketing, Nicki has an exceptional understanding of how to use data, systems and cross-media campaigns to deliver outstanding results.

Mark Fiksen Co-founder & Technical Director

The ability to develop, integrate and manage data and delivery solutions is fundamental to successful marketing. Mark brings exceptional expertise in this field. His experience as a specialist developer in a range of senior management roles gives Relativity a unique approach. 

Using new and innovative technologies, Mark constantly seeks efficient ways for clients to overcome barriers and exploit opportunities.

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